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TENZING Natural Energy

Putting the world’s first carbon-negative energy drink in the limelight


TENZING Natural Energy






The Big Idea

The challenger brand that gives back

Brands and broadcasters have a key role to play in accelerating societal change around important topics such as climate change. How can they work together to promote sustainable consumption and make the biggest impact on audiences with the smallest footprint?

TENZING is the world’s first carbon-negative energy drink, powered purely by plants. Each TENZING can is:

  • Responsibly Produced: 100% recyclable
  • Sustainable: Takes more greenhouse gasses out of the atmosphere than it emits
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified: Sourcing tea from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms to support a healthier planet and an improved quality of life for farming communities

Aiming to increase brand awareness and sales within its target audience of 18-34 year olds, TENZING wanted to communicate its message across the UK as a brand that gives back to the environment.

Channel 4 has committed to becoming net zero by 2030, which means we’re making lots of changes across the business, including looking at who we work with and where we invest. This, as well as being the broadcaster with the youngest audience, meant that we welcomed TENZING with open arms.


A campaign powered by nature

As Greenhouse’s first client, TENZING launched its first ever TV campaign across the Channel 4 network for five weeks. Alongside linear, the campaign also included 7.9 million 16-34 Channel 4 streaming impressions.

And here’s the best bit…

It was paramount that we offset any carbon emissions associated with the partnership. As a result, TENZING planted a whopping 4,000 trees in partnership with The Future Forest Company and TENZING’s tree planting partner Ecologi. That’s approximately 4 trees for each member of staff at Channel 4, making us carbon neutral for a year and removing 2,100 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Each staff member received a tree profile with its exact geo location, species, and picture updates. Channel 4’s partnership with TENZING also funded a wind energy project in the state of Karnataka in India, close to where TENZING farms its green coffee beans. This gold standard verified project involves the installation of 10 wind turbines, which will generate 47,829 MWh of clean, renewable energy each year.

“The results exceeded expectations and helped us to double digit growth during the campaign months in this extraordinary year. The campaign has substantially increased the amount of people, who became loyal TENZING drinkers. We can’t wait to work with them next year again.”

– Huib Van Bockel, Founder of TENZING


• 55% increase in return on sales index while the campaign was running
• 92% uplift in awareness amongst 18-34s

The collaboration represents an opportunity to kickstart a change in the mindset of businesses to ensure they protect the planet at every level of business, but to also establish an increased level of trust in the idea of tree planting through total tree traceability.

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