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Jura’s TV campaign was key for growing the brand’s footprint as a premium brand








The Big Idea

Bringing the small island of Jura to life

Jura, a Scotch whisky brand, aimed to bring the unique island of Jura to life for its target consumers. With TV being the most effective medium for brand storytelling, Jura’s creative strategy focused on highlighting the people, place, and passions of the island’s small community at the heart of their whisky making.

By emphasizing the people, place, and passions of the island, Jura’s campaign sought to differentiate itself from other whisky brands and tap into the growing demand for authenticity and provenance in the spirits industry. By showcasing the island’s unique character and the close relationship between its people and the whisky they produce, Jura aimed to create a powerful emotional connection with consumers, driving brand loyalty and engagement.



Jura created two story-centred creatives: one about the island of Jura and the other about the islanders

Through Greenhouse Jura secured additional value to allow for a larger scale campaign, aligning them even further with our premium content and relevant audience. We also helped fund production of a 30” cutdown (through Recipe) so that again they could stretch their media budget further and expand the campaign into 4 weeks’ worth of linear and VoD.


+150% uplift in brand awareness

+67% Overall Improved Opinion of the brand

+133% uplift in brand consideration
(amongst ad recognisers)

Overall, Jura’s TV campaign was a powerful example of effective brand storytelling, using the medium to bring the island’s rich history and culture to life and position the brand as an authentic and unique expression of its place of origin.

The island grew as an advertising brand mnemonic for Jura; helping to increase brand awareness and Jura overtaking Laphroaig and closing the gap on the market leaders.

Jura grew through all metrics in 2020, but its key growth driver was through recruiting shoppers to malts, bringing in £4.2m from new shoppers – more than any other brand in the category. Jura was +51% ahead of category growth showing that this was more than just the ‘COVID effect’.

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